My name is Nicole and I'm a 24 year old Film maker.

"What's the point of having dreams if you're not going to make them happen?"

  • Sleep tight Bob, going to miss your cuddles ☁️🐾

  • 🐭🐹🐭

  • It’s going to be one of those nights again.

  • Back home from Germany. Had a great time, wished we could of stayed longer to do some more sight seeing and for more of the festival. Thank you #Euroblast for having us!

  • On a boat to Calais 🚣

  • Lovely bike ride along the canal today with @peteyg_rsf 🚲

  • This is why Paramore are my favourite band. <3

  • Sick in bed. Ergh. #ihatecolds

  • I miss London.

  • Foggy sunrise #hyperlapse #fog #sunrise #morning